Crossing the Valley of Death With Advanced Cancer Therapy

Crossing the Valley of Death With Advanced  Cancer Therapy
Tekijät: Akseli Hemminki
Kustantaja: Nomerta Kustannus
ISBN: 9789527018064
Tuotekoodi: 9789527018064
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On a journey to make the world a better place, Dr Hemminki discovers he has  to fight more than just disease. He also comes to understand it is not  just the patients that have to make sacrifices in the fight to advance medical knowledge. 

Experimental therapies can strike controversy, but they are becoming increasingly common as the gap between routine treatments and clinical trials becomes wider. Progress in science has identified an increasing number of interventions that might be useful for patients suffering from currently incurable cancer, neurological and metabolic diseases or infections such as Ebola. In his book Dr Hemminki explains the differences between treatments and trials, and why both are necessary to optimally harness progress in science into benefits for patients.

Akseli Hemminki, MD, PhD,    has more than 2 decades of experience in  translational cancer research and is now a professor of oncology at the University of  Helsinki in Finland and father of 3 children. 

He has authored more than 200 scientific papers, founded 2 biotechnology companies  and been involved in a dozen clinical trials.

In this book Dr  Hemminki explores his life in cancer research using viral  vectors, and discovers that cutting edge research can leave deep wounds.

Author: Akseli Hemminki

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