LeXuS: Theodora, The Workers - erotic dystopia

LeXuS: Theodora, The Workers - erotic dystopia
Tekijät: Virginie Bégaudeau, J. V. Bell
Kustantaja: Saga Egmont
ISBN: 9788726355772
Tuotekoodi: 9788726355772
Saatavuus: Varastossa
Hinta: 1,81€
Veroton: 1,81€



Like all 18-year olds, Theodora is waiting anxiously to be assigned her role and given her identity. She dreams of becoming a Worker, of joining the elite and discovering a life of sex, but will LeXuS grant her wishes? And will life as a Worker be everything she hopes it will? In a dystopian future, the city of Belgrame is governed by a set of laws called LeXuS. Under a strict totalitarian regime, sex has become a privilege which can be bought, sold or earned. Having the right to sex indicates social success, and due to the strict control, sexual crimes have become a distant memory. However, all is not well in Belgrame. A group of renegades are leading a rebellion to overthrow the LeXuS regime and grant sexual freedom to all. Welcome to Belgrame, a world which you will discover through the eyes of its inhabitants. Each character brings a new story, which can be read independently of the others. This is the story of Theodora, matriculation number 259876.

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