Scheherazade - Erotic comedy

Scheherazade - Erotic comedy
Tekijät: Chrystelle Leroy,
Kustantaja: Saga Egmont
ISBN: 9788726331264
Tuotekoodi: 9788726331264
Saatavuus: Varastossa
Hinta: 1,81€
Veroton: 1,81€



"?I have to say that making love when you can have any sex is pretty awesome,' says Ramir. ?Have you ever had sex with a genie before? We can adapt to all bodies and tastes'."

In a world where flying carpets exist in a two-seater sports model, the beautiful and charismatic Scheherazade walks around looking for anecdotes for her stories. And tonight is her lucky night. Scheherazade will meet two beings of supernatural beauty, and for a good reason: they are genies! She learns that her storytelling skills have made her famous and adored among the Jinns, who have even created a small dedicated social network for her, and that they are more than ready to feed her inspiration...
Badir, genie of the bedside lamp, and Ramir, genie of the water bottle in the promising future, will make this simple mortal discover pansexual love.

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