Terms & Conditions

1. Registration

1.1. The customer needs to be registered with eLibris Media before making an order. When placing the first order: 

a) the customer needs to register with eLibris Media and provide the required information (Name, address, e-mail, etc..)
b) The customer gives his consent to eLibris Media to register above information in its customer database. The information in eLibris Media's customer database is confidential and will not be given to third parties.

1.2. The customer should take the necessary care and ensure his/her privacy and personal details are protected while ordering from eLibris Media's web site.

2. Confirmation of the order

2.1. The communication between eLibris Media and the customer will be carried out by e-mail or by telephone. When placing an order the customer commits himself/herself to keeping an eye on his/her e-mail to notice the incoming order confirmation. The customer should be aware that sometimes the order confirmation emails are automatically filtered to Trash or Spam folders by some email service providers filters.

2.2. The sale is confirmed when eLibris Media has sent an order confirmation.

2.3. The customer has the right to cancel the full order or parts of it before delivery. The cancellation can be made by e-mail. The delivery has taken place when the customer has received at least a part of the delivery, or has received the notice that the goods are ready to be downloaded.

2.4. eLibris Media cannot change the terms or conditions in the sales agreement after the customer has place the order.

3. Prices

3.1. All prices are inclusive of 24% VAT. The current prices are shown at eLibris Media's online shop. The current price is shown in euros (EUR).

4. Delivery

4.1. The eBooks and audio books are available for downloading when the payment has been confirmed. If the product is out of stock or for some reason unavailable, eLibris Media will inform the customer at the earliest possible opportunity.

4.2. The customer will be informed if the expected delivery time is considerably longer than specified in section 4.1.

4.3. If the customer definitely needs to get the product by a certain date, this must be clearly communicated to eLibris Media prior to placing the order. eLibris Media is doing its best to meet reasonable expectations regarding to delivery time.  

4.4. If the customer is ordering products with different delivery times, the full order will be delivered according to the longest one delivery time. However, often it is possible to download the products one by one as soon as they are available and/or the payment has been confirmed.

4.5. Products sold in eLibris Media's online shop are available to be downloaded from all over the world, unless the copyrights or some other legal reasons limit sales only to Finland. If the products are only available in Finland, this will be mentioned in the product description. If that is the case, the customers outside Finland should not attempt to purchase the product.

4.6 All digital products (e.g. eBooks and audio books) should be downloaded after purchase using the link provided. The customer must inform eLibris Media when placing the order if he/she wishes to receive the product by email. In some cases, eLibris Media reserves the right to deliver products only by email.

4.7 All physical produts (e.g. ebook readers) will be delivered using the Finnish postal service (Suomen Posti). If the customer wishes to use an alternative delivery method, he/she needs to contact eLibris Media prior to placing the order to agree on the terms and conditions.

5. Terms of Payment

5.1. The payment can be made using the following payment methods:a) Payment by credit card or by and online payment systems provided by banks. The order will be sent or available for downloading within and for the specified time after eLibris Media has confirmed the receipt of the payment.b) Payment by bank transfer: The order will be sent or available for downloading within and for the specified time after eLibris Media has confirmed the receipt of the payment. The total amount to pay is shown in the order confirmation eLibris Media has sent.c) For any other arrangements, please contact Customer Services.

6. Returns

6.1. The customer has the right to return unused goods (physical products only) within 14 days from receiving them, excluding the receiving day. The product and any possible packaging must be unused. This does not apply to digital products (e.g. eBooks and audio books), which are not refundable once downloaded. If the customer has not yet downloaded the product, he/she may cancel the order within 14 days of placing the order.

6.2. The customer has to advise eLibris Media BEFORE returning by e-mail, info@elibris.fi to get the further instructions. When eLibris Media has received the product, the price of the product (excluding the postage) will be returned promptly. If the customer has received an incorrect product, the delivery postage charged by eLibris Media when placing the order will also is refunded.

7. Transport damages

7.1. Sometimes damage occurs during the transport despite the careful packaging. For that reason it is important to check the status of the package when it is delivered or at the post office when collecting the package. If the package is damaged during the transport (and also the goods inside the package are damaged) the customer needs to file a damage report at the post office immediately when collecting the order. After that, contact our customer service to arrange a delivery of new product.

8. Intellectual Property Rights / DRM

8.1 By downloading the product, the customer agrees to use product within the Law and according to the Intellectual Property Rights.

8.2 The customer is responsible for any non-compliance with the Law and Intellectual Property Rights and can be held responsible damages caused by non-compliance of any and all related laws and regulations.

8.3  eLibris can not be held responsible for any actions taken by the customer once the customer has downloaded the product.

8.4 eLibris can not be held accountable nor can eLibris be required to pay any compensation for damaged caused by its customers.

9. Claims

9.1. If the customer receives an incorrect product of the product is damaged etc. the customer is required  to inform eLibris Media about this at the earliest opportunity by e-mail info@elibris.fi or by telephone. The incorrect products can be returned according to eLibris Media's instructions (art. 6). The claim/advise by e-mail has to be made BEFORE returning. When eLibris Media has received the product, the price of the product (including the postage) will be returned promptly.  

10. Force majeure 

10.1. eLibris Media is not responsible if the delivery is delayed or can not be made because of factors on which eLibris Media has no influence. This kind of factors are war, catastrophe, export- or import bans, decisions of authorities, strike or other factors which averts eLibris Media's activities. 

11. Disagreements 

11.1. Disagreements caused by this trade agreement are solved according to the Finnish law.