The Elf Queen's Children 7: Life and Death

The Elf Queen's Children 7: Life and Death
Tekijät: Peter Gotthardt, Amalie Bischoff
ISBN: 9788711870471
Tuotekoodi: 9788711870471
Saatavuus: Varastossa
Hinta: 4,98€
Veroton: 4,02€



A small group of elves have ended up in a strange, foreign world. Their biggest wish is to get home. But they have a long and dangerous journey ahead of them... A mysterious stranger gives Coltsfoot a sword, which is forged from the fire of the sun. Now she is ready for the battle, she cannot avoid. But who is the enemy she will meet? This is the seventh book in a series of eight books about the elves: The Elf Queen?s Children Peter Gotthardt was born in Denmark close to Copenhagen in 1946. As a child he loved to read, and spent much of his time reading his way through his local library's collections of history and adventure books. Gotthardt has written more than 60 books for children of which many are set within the realm of the Elves.

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