The Magical Falcon 3 - The Queen of the Demons

The Magical Falcon 3 - The Queen of the Demons
Tekijät: Peter Gotthardt, Christoffer Thomas
ISBN: 9788711742136
Tuotekoodi: 9788711742136
Saatavuus: Varastossa
Hinta: 5,99€
Veroton: 4,83€



Carvallo and his friends arrive to a harsh world where storms are howling, and red and green demons lie in wait.

When Monica disappears, the others have to look for her. They fear she is in danger. But none of them can imagine what has really happened to her.

The series about the magical falcon is written by Peter Gotthardt and illustrated by Jan Solheim. Read the other books in the series about The Magical Falcon:

The Mad Sorceress

The Demon Queen

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