The Wild Swans

The Wild Swans
Tekijät: Hans Christian Andersen, Jean Hersholt
Kustantaja: Saga Egmont
ISBN: 9788726354355
Tuotekoodi: 9788726354355
Saatavuus: Varastossa
Hinta: 1,81€
Veroton: 1,81€



"Far from here, in the land the swallows flee to in winter, lived a king who had eleven sons and one daughter, Elisa."
So begins the story of Elisa and her brothers. At the beginning, everything was well, they lived peacefully in the castle and were loved and indulged by their father, the king. But, one day the king decided to remarry and their stepmother did not want them. None of them. Elisa was sent to the country and the eleven boys were turned into swans. The days and the years passed and Elisa grew up forgotten by the world, but she never forgot her brothers and she missed them terribly.

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